Citizen Assembly South Tyneside (CAST) Logo

Who we are:

CAST is a hub for:

  • local campaigns
  • the exchange of information and ideas
  • a forum for solutions
  • a link to outside organisations and groups

What we offer:

  • a forum to propose innovative thinking
  • a place to develop and campaign for policies beneficial to the area
  • a supportive, inclusive environmentan independent voice
  • a chance for community groups to come to together

What we are NOT:

  • an alternative to local authority/services
  • party political
  • a forum to simply complain

How we can work:

  • raise local awareness
  • local media coverage
  • coordination of local campaign action
  • create petitions & formal presentations to local authorities/services


  • to represent the diverse views of the community of South Tyneside
  • to support campaigns to protect services, amenities and the environment
  • to hold to account the work of all local authority, health and other public bodies
  • to learn from and respond to the community’s concerns about the issues important to them
  • to develop, propose and advocate policies that enhance the well-being of the community as a whole

CAST pledges to:

  • represent the diverse views of our community
  • support campaigns to protect our services, amenities and environment
  • hold the work of all local authority, health and public bodies to account
  • learn from and respond to community concerns
  • develop, propose and advocate policies to enhance the well-being of our community as a whole

Who funds CAST?

CAST is funded entirely by member and supporter contributions and the fund raising efforts of our Planning Group.

To fund the START Festival and CAST Family Fundays, we have received money from Arts Council England, Barbour Foundation, ASDA Foundation and Sir James Knott Trust.

In 2021, we received a donation from the Real Democracy Movement in order to cover our running costs.  

All funding details can be requested from