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We MUST think globally

Olwyn Hocking, Divest T&W

July 2023

According to official figures, 6 July 2023 was (at time of writing) the hottest day ever, with the average global temperature reaching 17.2Β°C, following the warmest June on record. In 2022, figures from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that global temperatures were 1.1Β°C above preindustrial levels and creeping ever closer to passing the 1.5Β°C limit agreed by politicians in 2015 and reconfirmed when the UK hosted COP26 in Glasgow in 2021.

Now, you might be thinking 'yeah, but it's been raining here and it's not that warm' but that's part of the problem - just because we're not experiencing it, doesn't mean it's not happening! We have to start thinking globally because that’s what creates true understanding of what climate change actually means for us and the next generation...

Increased temperatures already mean:

  • increased migration - millions of people are on the move due to frequent droughts harming access to water, food and shelter and destabilising entire countries
  • increased pressure on food production - heatwaves are already affecting crop yields increasing international demand, pushing global prices up and deepening worldwide food insecurity
  • rising sea levels - since 2004, low lying areas, coastal communities and island nations have seen acute flooding and loss of land, further exacerbating displacement

And these are just a couple of the major effects!

It IS frightening and it IS overwhelming but it IS real and it IS here.

It doesn't matter WHY you think this is a problem - it doesn't matter your reasons - but we need to stop burying our heads in the sand and do something. We can't stop it but there are many ways on offer to us to mitigate the impact. We just need to choose which ones we can act on NOW!

Get involved!

  • make decisions to lower your carbon footprint. Try to use more public transport, consume a little less meat/dairy, shop local... check out your bank's investment policy with - greener finance makes a bigger difference than you think!
  • lobby your councillor to sign the divestment pledge
  • ensure your contacts in pension schemes lobby councillors to end fossil fuel investment. You don’t need to have a pension to join the Divest T&W campaign - ALL local council taxpayers end up contributing millions of pounds via local council tax, so please lobby the Tyne & Wear Pension Fund to end Β£238m fossil
    fuel investment and sign the campaign petition!
  • join a campaign group, they’ve loads of info and advice - groups like these well-known examples Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Climate Action are all simple to join