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When CAST takes up an issue - either by you asking us to, or by coming across an issue through its members and contacts - we will research it and report back to you here.

We will explore the key facts and factors which have given rise to the issue, along with potential solutions or outcomes.

These will be reported in 'bulletin' form on this page, and each bulletin will include a link to a more detailed report produced by our researchers, to allow you to read in more depth about the issues concerned. We will then ask you to vote on the potential outcomes or solutions - or ask you to suggest your own on which residents could vote.

You will be able to vote directly on this page - so this page will be the place to come to where you can become both informed and pro-active.

We are working on our first couple of issues right now, so keep an eye on this page for our first reports appearing.

Before we start exploring local issues in our area we are running our Citizens' Consultation, see below for more infomation. 

CAST Your Vote



Citizens Assembly South Tyneside (CAST) is putting forward this draft People’s Manifesto, which is the result of several Zoom consultations and an online survey held in the summer of 2020, for discussion and amendment by the community as a whole.


This Citizens' Consultation gives you the opportunity to have your voice heard. It will help CAST shape a People's Manifesto for the area. We will share the results with the local authorities and public agencies and start pushing for change in our area based on your responses.

All sections asking for your views are optional so you can answer as little or as much depending on your interests and concerns. We ask for your name and email address to ensure no duplicate responses are received.

When you hit submit a copy of your responses are sent to your email. Once we have validated your response the data is anonymised and only basic demographic information is kept. If you would like to be kept updated on the activities of CAST please fill your email address at the end of the form.