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September e-newsletter

Mothers' Rebellion Circle targets Pension Fund HQ

'We don't have an option: for the survival of humanity, we need to stop burning fossil fuels.' Almost 60 families and supporters displayed personal placards in front of South Shields Town Hall in an hour-long protest calling on the Tyne and Wear Pension Fund to end its investment in oil, gas and coal.

Exposed: poor Pension Fund advice on climate risks

The Carbon Tracker report highlighted in our last newsletter, is one of several that have recently hit the headlines. Divest T&W campaigners joined a briefing with the authors, who revealed the climate risks advice provided to pension funds - and how far it differs from the consensus of climate scientists and the UN.

August e-newsletter

Petition passes 500 signatures!

And you'll be well aware why moving our money from fossil fuel investment is badly needed. Records are being broken for extreme weather, ocean temperatures, wildfires and even the size of hailstones. Add your name now!

Knowledge is Power: Climate Reading Group

Divest supporters have swapped ideas for climate reads since our newsletter began. Now we'd like to add an extra: a Climate Reading Group.We'd love your help! If you know of an existing climate reading group, please get in touch so we can make contact. And if you'd like to be involved - suggesting reads, joining group discussion, mentioning to contacts - you'll be very welcome. More info here

June e-newsletter

New faces turn spotlight on fossil fuel investments until 2050:

Change was in the air at June's Pension Fund committee meeting amongst the 13 councillors whose votes run one of the UK's largest council pension funds (worth £12.5bn). Our campaigners saw the biggest challenge to the investment in fossil fuels since we started to be 'the eyes in the room' in 2021. Questions were raised, including 'misleading' emissions data and reviewing an asset that's nearly 20% of the fund's carbon footprint. So, why the change?


Most people don't know that our local council tax goes into fossil fuel investment - £180m from six local councils in 2022. Catch us at Durham Gala 8th July at the Eco Bloc and the Alnwick divestment meeting on 6th September (details TBC)

April e-newsletter

SPOTLIGHT: Lobby our Local Councils

Local authorities that use Tyne & Wear Pension Fund have been urged to show leadership NOW to switch investment from fossil fuels to sustainable funds. Help make that happen!

UK Day of Action report:

Across our region, supporters turned out for six rallies, in the UK's biggest protests yet for investment in fossil fuels to end.

End the silence:

Most people do not know that local council tax goes into fossil fuel investment. Help out at our event stalls - Green Fest (Newcastle, 10 June) and What a Wonderful World Festival (Alnwick, 30 June to 2 July).

March e-newsletter

Day of Action:

£138m of our Council Taxes go into pension fund investments in dirty fossil fuels. Long-term, green improvements are better for our futures - and the planet. Join our UK Day of Action on 24 March.

Divestment Heroes:
Gateshead Council has joined a growing list of challenges to pension fund fossil fuel investments. More than 1500 institutions, worth $40.50 trillion have divested worldwide, including universities, church groups and elected bodies. Check the list out here

DIVEST socials: chat, plan, cuppa!

Thanks to all at the February event, with campaigners across Tyne, Wear and Northumberland. The next Social is in May.